Committee Members

This Wisconsin Women's Network is a volunteer operated organization that brings together women from diverse backgrounds. It was formed to ensure that women from all walks-of-life have a voice in the policy making process in Wisconsin, and the women on the boards and committees continue to work towards empowering future generations.


Communications Committee


HANNAH AKBIK, volunteer

I am involved with the Wisconsin Women’s Network because I believe that it is vital that women have a voice in the democratic process. Through programs that focus on education and empowerment, the Women’s Network enables women to influence policy and build for the future.


trevor berman, volunteer

Trevor has been volunteering for the Wisconsin Women's Network since 2016. Joining the communications committee seemed like the perfect way to combine his background in digital marketing with his passion for helping people improve each other's lives. He volunteers to create positive change in the world through collaboration with Wisconsin women, among whom many continue to be unequalled role models and mentors.

Kat Dellenbach Headshot.jpg

ANna blasco, volunteer

Anna is involved with the Wisconsin Women's Network through the Gender and Women's Studies Internship Program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She joined the communications committee to further her understanding of the infrastructure of nonprofit organizations and to help out in any way that she can.


kristina levan, volunteer

I'm involved with Wisconsin Women's Network because I want our future generations to really know what equality means, not because they can recite its definition, but because they see it, hear it and practice it every day.

5.16 Taeli Turner_JU_0.preview.jpg

taeli turner, volunteer

I wanted to get involved with the Wisconsin Women’s Network because not only do I want to do something to improve the advancement of women of all backgrounds;  I also wanted to find a network that offered me the opportunity to face issues that I am concerned about.

Through my involvement with WWN, I would like to help provide access, opportunity, and a voice for young women, Women of Color and women in the arts.


Advancement Committee



Wenona Wolf serves as the Communication and Development Manager for the Wisconsin Council on Children Families (WCCF) and its Race to Equity Project. Wenona is also a vocal advocate for the Native American community and works to raise awareness about important issues affecting Native people. She serves on the Wisconsin Women's Network board because she is committed to changing the conversation around women's issues so they are more inclusive of women of color. 


Policy Institute Facilitators


Jenifer D. Cole, Lead Instructor

Jenifer, a former WWN Board member, is very excited to serve as the 2019-20 Policy Institute lead instructor. Jenifer has spent the last 20+ years committed to gender and social justice, working at nonprofit and government organizations in California, New York, and now in Wisconsin in state-level policy and program development. Jenifer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and Gender Studies from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, CA and a Master in Public Affairs with a concentration in Social Justice and Human Rights and graduate certificate in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Her favorite thing to do is cook local, farm fresh meals and spend hours chatting over dinner with her chosen family and significant other, Amanda.


Lynnsey Erickson, Policy Institute Project Coordinator

I'm proud to be part of WWN's Policy Institute after graduating from the 2016-17 class because knowing effective policy advocacy is powerful! Policies about us should include us, and the Policy Institute is ensuring women across the state know how to get involved and advocate.