Our Mentorship Program

Interested in applying to be a mentor or mentee?

Join our 2020 Mentorship Program!

Because studies show that the longer the mentoring relationship, the more benefits that mentees receive, our program lasts for an entire year. This will give our students the opportunity to really get to know their mentor and explore their professional development.
If you’re interested in this program, please submit an application! If you'd like to read more about what we accomplished in 2018, read our Annual Report.

Thank you to Alliant Energy and Madison College for your continued support of this program.

Interested in learning more about our Mentorship Program?

The goal of the Wisconsin Women’s Network Mentorship Program is simple: we want to give womxn the opportunity to cultivate meaningful relationships with strong, inspirational role models throughout Wisconsin.

Our mentors are members of the Network's large network of womxn professionals. These mentors come from a variety of professions and backgrounds, all uniting under the same cause: they’re dedicated to helping womxn succeed.

We match these supportive mentors with womxn completing their studies to help womxn navigate the transition from college, university, technical school, or other academic programs to the workforce. Our mentors and mentees are carefully paired together, based on career aspirations and personal interests, to give these students networking opportunities and an understanding professional adviser.

Why mentoring?

Studies show that individuals who have a mentor are more confident in their academic abilities. A recent analysis of more than 73 independent mentoring programs found that mentoring results in positive outcomes across social, emotional, behavioral and academic areas of development. 

Quality mentoring can help young women not only achieve their dreams, but can also significantly strengthen communities, the economy and our state. And that’s what we need in Wisconsin.

We asked some of the 17 pairs of mentors and mentees about the Mentorship Program. Here’s what they had to say.


Laurel Kordyban,MENTEE

"Women supporting women is the best of the best. In the professional world, where sexism continues to be a prevalent issue faced by women throughout all stages of their professional lives, being able to hear about and learn from the experience of a powerful, successful, and independent mentor is so valuable for a college woman. After being a part of the Mentorship Program, I believed so strongly in the mission of the program that I applied to be a feminist mentor for middle school girls, through the UW-Campus Women's Center."

Deborah and Laurel.jpg

Deborah Thompson, MENTOR

“One of the most important things that I’ve learned is a reinforcement of what I’ve always read in literature, which is that men do a really good job of mentoring each other, either formally or informally. And women? Not so much. And I think this experience in the WWN program really [taught] me how important it is that, as a woman, I keep mentoring those around me. I hope I get to keep doing it for a long, long time!”

Dana Hoffmann and Jiyu Zhou.JPG

Dana Hoffmann, MENTor

"It’s uplifting to see another generation of young women who want to make a difference in the world, and be able to share some of my insights to assist them in that endeavor."

paige_scobee-headshot (1).jpg

Paige ScobeE, MENTEE

"My mentor not only helped me get an internship and full time job, but also provided me with advice and support to get through tough situations at work, school and home. I learned so much in my year in the mentorship program and gained a lifelong mentor."

Deborah Thompson and Mackenzie Greisch.jpg

Mackenzie Greisch, MENTEE

"Through the mentorship program, Deborah managed to help me navigate both my professional development and personal growth over a cup of coffee and a shared love of brunch, and I am happy to say that we continue that connection today—for that, I am forever grateful to the Wisconsin Women's Network."